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I’ve used this technique a few times and it’s resulted in the best wet shaves I’ve ever had. You need a new razor with a sharp blade. The best I’ve tried are these:


(£2.15 for twenty from Boots. Neither Boots nor BiC are paying me to write this.)

1. Apply a good cosmetic grade argan oil to the face. Gently rub it in and then wait a few seconds.

2. Get the water running hot and soak a flannel under the tap. Wring it out and lay it on the face. Tilt the head back a bit so the flannel doesn’t fall off. Do not rub the face with the flannel. You want the oil to stay on the skin and stubble.

3. After 10-20 seconds, repeat 2 above.

4. Shave, taking it slowly and gently. Make the sharp razor and the argan oil residue do the work, i.e. do not scrub at the stubble and skin with the blade.

5. If, at any point, there’s not enough oil left on the skin and stubble to provide traction, apply a little more oil and maybe heat it up with the hot flannel again. A good argan oil is absorbed quickly into the skin so additional oil may be required.

6. Once shaving is complete, repeat 2 above. You have, in effect, both shaved and used a version of the Oil Cleansing Method. Who says men can’t multi-task?

7. Needless to say, Havenessence sells an excellent argan oil.