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Deep, sweet, floral, with touch of low citrus. Botanical name: Rosa damascena. 5ml

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A good Rose Otto oil (Rosa damascena) is notoriously hard to find. Some smell suspiciously like geranium, others of palma rosa. Some have the ‘honey’ odour of the more common Moroccan rose (Rosa centifolia).

Havenessence rose oil is a documented, full-strength, Bulgarian Rosa damascena absolute (not steam distilled). It smells of neither geranium nor palma rosa. The former may have a fleshy, bitter edge, the latter a sickly sweetness.

This rose oil is deep, sweet, floral, with an elusive touch of low citrus.

To an extent greater than many other oils, rose should ‘touch the heart’ and be rich, intoxicating and mysterious. But part of the attraction of rose is the difficulty of defining, in words, exactly how a high quality rose oil should smell! But you know it when you smell one.

We hold a small stock of this iconic oil which we sell in 5ml quantities. Purchase online here or in person at Piccadilly Market in central London.

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