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Lynn Jones was introduced to the benefits of essential oils many, many years ago by her mother. At the time, an allergy to a wide range of synthetic perfumes had caused her to lead a rather dreary, fragrance-free existence, though (like any girl) she longed for sumptuous, fragrant baths. Essential oils came as a revelation – not only did they smell much better than artificial fragrances, but they had all sorts of therapeutic effects and (used properly), didn’t make her itchy and blotchy from head to toe.

After a couple of decades of collection, experimentation and study, Lynn decided to start unchaining herself from her desk job by creating bath and body products fragranced only with natural essential oils, absolutes and extracts. All her creations are also free of SLS, parabens, silicon, animal products, petroleum derivatives and other nasties. They can be found in this store and on our stall at Piccadilly Market in central London.

Mark Stephenson was at first sceptical about essential oils, but only until he started trying them out for himself. Soon he was head over heels in love with them and eager to experiment and learn. Hugely enthusiastic and always helpful, you can find him from Wednesday to Saturday at the Havenessence stall in Piccadilly Market, central London. Challenge him to find at least five oils on the stall that you’ve never even heard of, let alone tried. If you win he’ll give you a lavender bag. Oh, and if you have any questions, send him an email (mark@littleswift.co.uk). He really would love to hear from you – he never stops talking about essential oils.