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The secret of argan oil hair treatment is…. ensure that the oil you put on your hair actually is argan oil.


Argan oil is rare and expensive so the temptation exists to dilute it with more common, cheaper, oils, such as sweet almond or grapeseed. A reputable supplier will always state on the label if this has been done. They should also give percentages, e.g. 20% argan to 80% sweet almond.

argan oil hair treatment

Argan oil hair treatment

If no percentages are provided be suspicious. It may mean that the oil contains only a fraction of argan.

A good, pure, cold-pressed, 100% virgin Argan will be honey-coloured and smell very slightly of nuts — an illusive, sweetish, ‘peanut’ scent. When applied to the hair or skin the scent should disappear after a minute or so.

A cooking grade Argan, which involves roasting the nuts before pressing, will have a strong nutty odour. Cooking grade Argan is delicious but, due to the strong scent, can always be distinguished from a cold-pressed, non-roasted, cosmetic grade.

Also beware of bleaching and deodorising. These processes, which involve heating and filtering the oil to remove the smell and colour, damage the oil’s natural benefits. There’s nothing wrong the colour or smell of a pure cold-pressed argan.

Our argan oil is:

  • 100% pure organic (certified by Ecocert).
  • Sourced from a reputable producer in Morocco.
  • Cold pressed.
  • Un-toasted.
  • Non-heat treated: kernels are pressed immediately after extraction.
  • Traceable: we know which tree each bottle comes from!
  • Ethical: Our supplier operates in an ethical manner and the Berber women who produce the argan oil are paid directly for their work.
  • Fairly traded. Our supplier is in the process of being certified Fair Trade. Please note that, to our knowledge, there is no certified fair trade argan producer as of yet (August 2012).