havenessence » customer service
  • When you order from us online we will email you when processing begins: normally within sixty minutes. If there is a problem we will contact you. Most orders are problem-free and dispatched within twenty four hours or next working day. We will email you when your order is shipped.
  • When you telephone us you will not hear muzak. In business hours, a real person will, nearly always, answer your call. If we’re with another customer, and you leave voicemail, we will call you back, usually within minutes.
  • When you visit our premises you are free to browse without being bothered. We do not ‘hard-sell.’ If you want to ask a question there will be a real person there to talk to.
  • Sometimes we make a mistake. We will admit it and put things right.
  • We will not use your email address to spam you. If you opt to receive our newsletter, or be notified of special offers, we will email you only occasionally. You can opt-out at any time.