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Coming soon: the Havenessence Rose Otto project. Enjoy discounts, special offers and access to bespoke items… while helping us crowd-source funding to bulk-buy the famous Bulgarian rose oil.

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A good Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) is notoriously hard to find. Some smell suspiciously like geranium, others of palma rosa. Some have the ‘honey’ odour of the more common Moroccan rose (Rosa centifolia). Some are wildly expensive and must be bought blind on the internet, often from a vendor hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Others sound fine until you ask the vendor for documentation. There then may follow a suspicious silence. Others are excellent but available only as a five percent solution in a carrier oil.

The Havenessence Rose Otto Project seeks to solve these problems. After several months of searching and some disappointment, we have found a fabulous, documented, Rosa damascena absolute from a respectable supplier. We’ve bought a small quantity but would like to buy in bulk and pass the resulting savings on to our customers… which is where Crowdfunder comes in.

Watch this space…