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A man is due in court after allegedly applying peppermint oil to his genitals. According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

A 49-year-old Provo man is being investigated for exposing himself during a flight to Salt Lake City — but the man told police the in-flight flashing occurred after he accidentally rubbed peppermint oil on his genitals.

The man claims to have applied peppermint oil to his forehead to treat a headache but then visited the aircraft bathroom and touched his genitals with peppermint oil impregnated hands.


The article continues:

According to the warrant, the man told police he placed a coat over himself during the flight to keep warm and began “scratching and adjusting” his groin area because he was uncomfortable.

Asked why he didn’t return to the bathroom to fix the problem, the man claimed that water would only have made it worse (not entirely true — see below).

FBI agents searched the man’s luggage and found two small boxes labelled “Olbas Oil” (normally a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, clove, juniper berry and wintergreen — all of which one would be well advised to keep away from the genital area).

Havenessence sells potent peppermint oil. It should not, under any circumstances, be applied to the genitals. Should an accidental application occur, the area should be sluiced with soap and water IN PRIVATE. Should discomfort persist, medical attention should be sought.