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The Nirvana ~ the revolutionary ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, complete with remote control.

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Product Description

The Nirvana is a revolutionary ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. It works on tap water and will operate all day without refilling. During that time it:

  • diffuses precious oils into the atmosphere
  • hydrates and moisturises without creating condensation
  • purifies the air
  • produces negative ions of the type found in nature near pounding surf or immediately following a spring thunderstorm

The Nirvana has a soft blue night light, which can be turned off, a thirty second on-off cycle to extend the operating period, even a remote control!

Stylish, solid, quiet, it emits a gentle, relaxing, barely audible bubbling sound. Perfect for home, office, waiting room, therapist surgery, yoga studio, etc.

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Weight 1470 g