organic moroccan argan oil


Argan oil: certified organic, non-heat-treated, cold-pressed, well sourced, ethical.


Product Description

Moroccan argan oil is the hair and skin treatment sensation sweeping the health and beauty world.

This non greasy oil is incredibly easily absorbed and is rich in nutrients including vitamin E.

Sizes: 10ml (roll-on), 30ml, 50ml, 100ml & 200ml (glass bottles) – 100% pure organic (certified by Ecocert) and unprocessed.

Our argan oil is…

  • 100% pure organic (certified by Ecocert).
  • Sourced from a reputable producer in Morocco.
  • Cold pressed.
  • Un-toasted.
  • Non-heat treated: kernels are pressed immediately after extraction.
  • Traceable: we know which tree each bottle comes from!
  • Ethical: Our supplier operates in an ethical manner. The Berber women who produce the oil are paid directly for their work.

Buy from us in person at Piccadilly Market in central London, where you can test the oil before purchase, or order online.

Additional Information

Weight 250 g