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A moronic announcement is now annoying London bus passengers (including Havenessence workers):

“Watch out for traffic when leaving the bus”

Well yes. I get off the bus onto the pavement. There is no traffic on the pavement. Doh! Plus I’m over eighteen and don’t need a bus company telling me, via an announcer with an irritating “social worker” passive-aggressive voice, to watch out for traffic.

Why is Transport for London annoying and infantilising their passengers? Is it a cunning plan to bring out their inner Victor Meldrew and make everyone vote UKIP? Has Nigel Farage subverted Arriva?


Each time Transport for London makes a pointless and aggravating announcement they reduce the likelihood of people listening to their public address system. Passengers will “tune it out.”

Which means that when a really important announcement is made, e.g. that a lunatic with a beard is threatening to blow himself up on the 289 to Purley, passengers won’t listen.


So please Transport for London. Stop annoying us, infantilising us, and endangering us with dumb announcements. Put a sock in it!